Catania - Home & Away Weddings
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Acireale, Acicastello, Mount Etna area


You say Catania, you say Fire. Fire as the lava of the highest active Volcano in Europe: the Mount Etna, which has inevitably shaped this beautiful and diverse territory and the character of its inhabitants who are used to live with this giant by their side.


The typical black and white palazzi made of lava stone over the baroque piazza (declared Unesco World Heritage Site) mingle with one of the most iconic and folkloristic fish markets in the world. Visit the picturesque villages on the coastline and dip in the blue sea water; go for an excursion on the Mount Etna and reward yourself after with the most exquisite seafood you’ll ever taste.


The night is young in Catania, so be ready to enjoy a 24 hour day!