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Taormina, Eolie Islands, Nebrodi Mountains


Messina is located to the east of the island, making its tip the closest point to Main Land Italy.  The strait of Messina divides the Region of Calabria and the Island of Sicily. Like many of the other coastal cities Messina was a melting pot for many cultures as it was the main portal to Sicily. This is still the case today with many cruise ships and tourists.


Messina’s unique blend of traditions and eclectic multicultural legacy are visible in mythical Taormina. Taormina, a beautiful village high on top of a cliff, will give you views for miles leaving you breathless (you can even see Calabria).


The marvels of this province are the Aeolian Islands, seven gems sprinkled out over the sea. Here you will find onyx black beaches due to the volcanic origin of the islands.