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Palermo city, Balestrate, Cefalù, Petralia Soprana


Palermo is pure history and beauty. It is the crossroad of the Mediterranean where the most diverse civilizations have met and melted together leaving behind an enormous wealth of culture which is reflected today in its architecture and in the spirit of its Palermitans.


By walking through the streets of Palermo you really understand what all the “fuss” is about: you will constantly bump into a baroque palace, an Arab-Norman church, a street market with vendors shouting out about their products as their Arab ancestors taught them to do.


The whole province of Palermo is overwhelmingly rich in culture but also in paradisiacal places where the turquoise of the sea meets the golden beaches and the rocky mountains. If you then add to this successful combination the mouth watering variety of the Palermitan food…it will be love!